Snowflake Tessellation Art

Previously, I had created a snowflake design with draggable points using Desmos (click on image to interact with it using Desmos):

My 3 year-old daughter asked if we could make some ‘colourful snowflakes’, so I copied the image from Desmos into Microsoft Paint, duplicated it multiple times, and let her choose the colours:


As we were doing this, I began to wonder how it would look if it joined together neatly in a hexagonal tiling pattern so, having adjusted the initial snowflake so that a lot of the points would lie on a hexagonal boundary, I tried again:

snowflake for tessellation

In Paint, the ‘transparent selection’ tool worked really well for lining the snowflakes up next to each other.

snowflake tessellation

Finally, I decided that I’m not too handy with colouring pencils, so I just used the fill tool in Paint to colour it in. Given the six-fold symmetry of the snowflake, I settled for six different colours and what I thought was a pleasing arrangement. It looked pretty good when some of it was still blank, so here are two versions of the end product:

snowflake tessellation coloured

snowflake tessellation coloured 2


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